Who are we?

China Touyun Tech Group Limited (hereinafter referred to as the “China Touyun”, HK1332) and its subsidiary companies (hereinafter referred to as “the Group”) is a modern enterprise group mainly engaged in packaging product design, development, production and sales; also, it provides QR code on product packages and business intelligence information technology solutions to Fast Moving Consumer Goods (hereinafter referred to as “FMCG”) companies in China.

The History

The Group has over 25 years experience in conventional packaging business, specializes in packaging and display project development and production of plastic, wood, metal, paper cardboard, and fabric material; it focuses in manufacturing of high quality packaging and window display for jewellery, eyewear, watch and gift. The Group has offices and manufacturing sites in both Hong Kong and mainland China that provides product design and packaging services to many famous brands all over the world.

The Transition

The Group now is transitioning to emerging business areas such as information technology while cementing current packaging business. The Group’s wholly owned subsidiary company, Shanghai TY Technology Co., LTD (hereinafter referred to as “TY Technology”), is the market leader of tailor made marketing solutions to FMCG industry in China. TY Technology’s core strategic goal is “Everything is Connected”, it devotes to providing unique QR code to every FMCG product and connecting everything to the internet. By scanning QR code, not only manufacturers can achieve to electronically monitor and manage the whole sales process, consumers can also gather product information and participate in brand promotion activities. TY Technology integrates cloud computing and mobile internet technology to provide business solutions to its corporate customers about all-round O2O marketing, traceability, logistic and big data analysis, satisfy customers’ demand of product information and communication in different stages.

The Brand

TY Technology makes product as intermedia of their own brand, establishes connection and breaks through communication boundary between each consumer and brand. The development of TY Technology will lead to a brand-new sales process and management reform which will influence and change customers’ consumption habits deeply, and provides a broader prospect for the use of IOT (internet of things) in China.